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Modem Adapter
Designed as a drop-in replacement to upgrade a wireless load control unit to AT&T's EDGE network from the older analog-based CDPD network...
SG-100 Signal Generator for PWM Testing
A custom PWM signal generator designed for a TECHNICOM customer. It has a fixed frequency output of 100 Hz and the duty cycle can be varied from 0% to 95%. The SG-100 is used to test motor control products.
Satellite Modem
TECHNICOM is developing a satellite-based wireless control unit. The unit uses Stellar's DS-100 satellite modem to communicate with ORBCOMM's satellite network of low earth-orbiting satellites...
Very Heavy Duty RS-232 Line Surge Suppressor
Designed to protect sensitive electronic equipment from damage caused by voltage transients appearing on an RS-232 data line...
Wireless Capacitor Bank Switch
Provides two-way wireless control and monitoring of capacitor bank switches...
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